Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marriage counseling

Well, I didn't have any pictures from our counseling office. I felt like it would be weird to ask the therapist lady to pose for a blog entry picture. But I still wanted to make sure I followed up on telling what it's like to be in marriage therapy with Matt. And as you know, I don't like picture-less blog entries, so I thought I'd come up with my own visuals, (see below). This was basically what Thursday morning was like:

Susan: "So, basically, Matt and I bought a foreclosure last week and I'm really excited about it and about all the possibilities of getting to live in a single family home in the city and even though our house hasn't sold I'm pretty confident that we can rent it out and cover the mortgage. However, I think Matt's pretty worried about it still because we're going to have to put a pretty large amount of money down in order to purchase the house and then we won't have much savings left, which always freaks him out. "

Matt: "Well, I guess I just like to know that we're making a responsible decision and I like to crunch the numbers and when Susan doesn't act like she's as worried as I am, I figure she's not really thinking about it logically...she's just excited about it. And then I get nervous."

Susan: "Well, I think I should be able to act excited. That doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it logically. You just don't want to act like you like it when you really DO like it because you are sorta treating me like a kid and trying not to 'get me excited' about it...and that makes me feel like you're manipulating me. Just say 'I like it but I'm worried that we can't afford it.' Unless you think we can. Then say that. I also think that sometimes you act like you hate things just so that you can blame me for it if something goes bad...even though you made the decision to buy the house with me. You figure that if you act like you were never really 'for' it, then you can say later that it's my fault. I think you should be responsible to say what you want to do and then not hold me responsible later."

Matt: "Hmmmm..."

Nice Therapist lady: "Well, that sounds very consistent with how you each scored on the Myers-Briggs personality test. Matt is more of a planner and you are more of a feeler. We need to stop now, but let's discuss this more next time."
So far, this seems like our regular marriage with an old lady sitting in the room watching us, but I'll let you know if anything cool happens next time.


Mary said...

I'm LOL at your last sentence(about the lady sitting in on your marriage). I say replace the "lady" with a bottle of wine!
Love your blog!

ohio12 said...

I think you are looking a little heavy (especally in the hips). Better watch it. hahahaha. I already got the update on the phone but it is still a great blog entry and I am hopeful about the counseling. love ya!

chicago_mom said...

Mary - oh, trust me, there is always a bottle of wine. I guess it's nice to have a nice old lady to keep us from hurting each other, though. We usually don't...but it's always good to have a witness. :)

chicago_mom said...

Ohio12 - I read your comment before I realized what entry you were commenting on (it was e-mailed to me) and I was very upset about your "hips" comment before I realized you were referring to my nice gingerbread lady.

But you should see my real hips right disaster.

Thanks big sis...always keeping me on my toes.

ohio12 said...

Sorry for the scare little sister. Just be glad that whatever your hips are, they sit on six more inches of legs than mine do!