Monday, December 1, 2008

The Monday challenge

As usual, I crawled out of bed today not wanting to do my job as a mom. Only the first part, though. I hate making breakfast. Mainly because I don't like breakfast myself. If only my kids just wanted to drink coffee and surf the internet for the first hour of the day like I do. But alas, they like to eat.

Matt actually took Sammy outside for about 20 minutes to shovel the two inches of snow we got last night. It didn't really need doing, but Sammy was so excited for snow and kept "woohooing" so loud that Matt suggested they go out and shovel before he left for work. What a good dad.

So, after dropping Matt off at work, coming home to finish breakfast dishes and getting everyone dressed and teeth brushed, (why do I hate that task so much??) I decided I should do something with them to celebrate this first snow of the season.

So, first we had a little mid-morning snack of popcorn and apple cider...

And then we headed off to our favorite sledding hill in Oak Park (10 minutes west of here) to take advantage of the snow. Matt took me skiing once and I was only so-so at it, but I can sled like a pro! I mean I have serious mad skills on a sled. I do just like my dad told me growing up and I throw my weight to the right and left as needed to get the thing down the hill just so.

I told them to smile as we were getting buckled up in the car after our sledding experience. Do you see how deliriously happy Claire is here? She must be thinking of what a good sledder her mom is.

After this we hit the library and loaded up on the Christmas version of every character we adore "Merry Christmas Curious George", "Merry Christmas Madeline", etc.

Of course we also had to all go potty in the library bathroom which was a feat in and of itself because of all the taking off of the snow clothes. I know, I life is really eventful isn't it? I even got an extra jewel in my crown by making them hot chocolate out of chocolate chunks when we got home.

I'm really trying to keep my spirits up as the Chicago winter sets in, but check on me in March when it's still this cold here. I probably won't sound so festive.

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