Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Cause you had a bad day....'re takin' one down. You sing a sad song just to turn it had a bad day"

If you don't know that Daniel Powter song, I'll let you google it yourself, but that was my day today.

It started off overwhelming because Matt is still out of town and Sammy still gets up at the butt crack of dawn. Also, the weather is awful and I had too much on my plate anyway. I won't bore you with the details but I had to drop off the kids, try to go work out at my new gym, get to a chiropractic appointment, run a bunch of errands, buy nice stationary paper to create the "silent auction" papers for my kid's school's Christmas party, and get to their school by 12:30 to pick them up. No wait, not to pick them up. They had to stay in the childcare so that I could practice for the friggin' nativity play (the Shepherd's Play if you're a waldorf person) which I signed up to be in because the teachers asked me to be. That means, of course, that Sammy has no nap, and then we have to go home to finish the day with him having many manic breakdowns.

Well, this morning was just hard, and I met this annoying woman at the gym who kept comparing my body to hers (she was much smaller than me) and kept saying "I'm soooooo're so skinny". And the woman was 40! Who says dumb things like that when you're that age! I felt like I was in 7th grade again. Then she kept asking me where my kids went to school and telling me how her kids go to a private school because she didn't want her kids to be in a school with too many "minorities". I wanted to push her skinny ass off of her treadmill and say "can you please shut up so I can run in peace!?"

Then, as I'm driving quickly to my kid's school (running late of course) I took a bite of some food I had brought for them to eat for lunch and I bit my tongue so hard that my whole mouth filled up with blood. I kinda started crying and really just wanted to drive home and go back to bed and not have this day happen. But it did. It kept happening.

Then tonight, my dear sister-in-law came over and I drowned my sorrows in a little too much wine. It actually wasn't that much, but after having not eaten much all day, any wine was too much.

So, later, as I'm walking her out to her car, I opened her car door for her and I whacked myself in the face with the door so hard that my nose started gushing blood all over the snow. It looked like a homicide happened by the time she got me some tissues to stuff up my nose. So, as I type this, I have a little piece of tissue shoved up my left nostril and I'm exhausted. Oddly, I started laughing so hysterically that I was crying. It's like I was just not meant to wake up today.

I'm going to bed, and hopefully when I wake up it will be next Tuesday. Here's hoping.

And so ends my pictureless blog entry. Trust don't want to see a picture of me right now.


Mary said...

I feel your pain!
I'm having one of those days today. Hope things are going better for you today.

Anonymous said...

I've those days before...not pretty..not pretty at all! Hang in there!
Tammy in Germany