Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wrapping up the school year

So, last week we went to City Garden, Sam's school, for one of the last times. He's graduating this week! (sob)

At the end of their kindergarten year, the soon-to-be first graders put on a puppet show with puppets that they have sewn themselves! It's very funny because all the kids just get to pick whatever character they want to be and then the teachers write a show that includes them all.

For instance, there was a "King Arthur" (Sammy) and a mother and a cowboy and a couple fairies and a mermaid. A few other knights and "dragon slayers" were there as well. Sammy was in charge of lifting the rainbow cloth off of the "scene". I'd love to show you the whole thing, but Ms. Hellesoy forbid photography during the show. Boo.

I had such mixed emotions during it (as I knew I would). I'm so happy he had such a great 3 years at City Garden, and it just makes me question whether or not homeschooling this kiddo is wise or crazy! But I tried to stop having a panic attack and just enjoy the show.

Mother Earth tending her garden in one of the many little nature scenes around the room. Oh Waldorf schools: you are such fabulous, crazy, nature-and-gnome-loving-people. I'm going to miss you!

This is a picture of Claire on the day she had HER puppet show....2 years ago!

Isn't she cute with her little friends?

She actually brought her puppet back with her for Sam's show. Look how much OLDER she looks now. Sigh....

This is the kids with Mr. Khrol...he's an icon of the school. And the founder, along with Ms. Hellesoy. Mr. Khrol has been so great to Sammy all these years.

Last year, (or the year before?) during summer camp at City Garden, Mr Khrol let Sammy go with him to the ice cream truck store to buy ice cream for all the kids at camp. On the way home, he ended up bringing a whole freezer cart of ice cream pushed by a bicycle back to school...and guess who got to ride on top of the freezer part and honk a horn on the way back!? It was one of Sammy's finest moments.

Sam's King Arthur puppet.

Claire's best buddy, Annabel, is finishing up school too...complete with a science fair.

Claire was completely intrigued by the idea of a science fair. I may have to have a mini one next year.

Bridget went to Steve Spangler's science experiment site, she says, to figure out how to do it. She says he's awesome, just in case you happen to be doing a science experiment with your child.

Wella is learning a few things too as she approaches her one year old birthday.

Like, for instance, she's still not old enough to use a plate or bowl because she will just throw it on the ground.

And she only likes big blueberries, not small ones.

And she loves french toast!

Here is my Claire working out the notes to her piano piece. I love the concentration!

She's a great little musician. I really need to make sure I encourage this in her because she's a total natural. Next up: Summer!

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