Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trip to Wichita: part 2

After the shower we got to go with Katie to see her in her dress!

It was a really lovely store full of the cutest sales ladies ever! They were all in pearls and cute little outfits. It felt very "Father of the Bride"-ish.

We waited a while so that the sales girls could get Katie laced up into her dress.

And while she got ready we looked around. They had really colorful bridesmaid dresses! Katie's colors are more subdued though, and we already have our dresses picked out, so we weren't there to shop for ourselves.

We waited a while longer. What are you ladies doing in there?! I guess there were a LOT of laces on the back of that dress. Is that going to be my job on the wedding day? Dude.

We got bored after a while so we tried some stuff on. Like veils.

And really out-there bridesmaid dresses.

REALLY out there.

This one is SO me.

We did find a picture of a flower-girl dress we'd like to duplicate for the girls.

And here are the cute shoes Katie had made for her big day.

See how they say their names on the back?
I'd love to show you the dress but I'm not allowed. Take my word for it though: it's gorgeous! Chance is a lucky guy.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

I'm glad you approve of my dress! And thanks for keeping it secret all royal wedding style;) Love you!
and ps i should totally make you all wear the katy perry dress in those pics....i secretly love it of course!