Monday, June 27, 2011

Hangin' with the Handy boys

Matt and I watched our friends' kids this weekend. It's one of our favorites: the Handies! Julia was my college roomate and Joel and Julia met, dated, and got engaged at Wheaton College right alongside Matt and I. Then we had babies at pretty  much the same time. So we've stuck together. This is her middle child, Peter, with her baby, Sammy!

Mom and Dad had a wedding in Texas to go to so we stayed with the boys at their home in West Chicago. It was a fun weekend out of the city for my kids and Matt and I made it as easy as possible with frozen dinners and paper plates. We ate wings for dinner!

Thoroughly enjoyed by Peter, who loves chicken I found out.

And we started a little camp out...

...and smores project, but it started raining! So we had to head inside.

The tent also filled up immediately with mosquitos. See the sad faces? Boo.

It's alright though...we moved the festivities inside. Josh said "let's watching Sleeping Beauty!" And all of them cheered. I love homeschooled kids. :)

I realized how you don't really love a person's kids until you spend a lot of time with them. Even though we were there for not even 36 hours, I felt like I got to know them better.

Like Josh really likes to say how to do things. He wanted me to cook the french toast in a certain way (with lots of cinnamon) and he kinda comandeered the situation. He said "Don't worry, all new people love it this way." :)

And Peter is just like Sammy: naughty and sneaky sometimes, but very endearing. And super smart! He kept figuring out things that had to do with numbers really quickly!

And baby Sammy (who MY Sammy adores) is the sweetest little guy who says the cutest things ever. He has to sleep with about 10 stuffed animals and sing "two songs" and read "two books" before bed, but that's about all he requires! Typical third child. :)

We even managed to get the whole crew to church on Sunday. It took two minivans but we did it! The only mishap was that they baptise kids as infants at that church and therefore the entire congregation takes communion together. Our kids haven't been officially dunked yet, so they don't take it yet. Somehow though, they each ended up with a cracker and a tiny cup of grape juice before I could put a stop to it. So, happy first communion Harris kids! :) I guess if that's the worst thing that happened this weekend I should be happy.

We'll miss you Handy boys! Sammy said he wants us to move in next to you.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

sooo cute....claire looks like shes like 15 in that picture!!! "hold my baby" lol