Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wella is one

 On June 14th, our baby turned one year old!

I can't believe she's one already! She's already so busy and walking and getting a major personality and learning to throw tantrums though, so I gues she is definitely a toddler.We made her an apple cake and homemade ice cream which she loved and she celebrated outside with her little friends.

But then when Daddy got home from work we did it all over again.
She looks a lot like I did at one year old in this picture.

See? Well, you could see better if I didn't have my hand in my face.
She loved it. She loved using a spoon and eatting all that great sugary stuff.

With her brother and sister.

With mommy.

The baby mommy made her for her birthday. I went to a doll-making class to make this crazy thing. You wouldn't know it cost me about $100 to make this doll, but it is stuffed with real sheeps wool so it smells like a little baby lamb.

She loved baby.

And putting baby to bed.

I love this girl so much. I love both of my girls though. Look at Claire. She's the best big sister ever.

Then Luella decided to stand on top of babies bed. Whatever.

Aunt Sarah stopped by as well. Do you see any resemblance here? :)

Happy Birthday Luella! We love you super much.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

I cant believe you made that doll! I cant wait to not live up to your awesome mommy-ness when i have kids. lol. you are such a special mom to your kiddos! i miss them:( see you in like 6 weeks tho!!! happy bday to my wella wella wella!!!!