Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trip to Wichita: part 1

So, last Friday I jumped on a plane with Luella Faye and zoomed over to Wichita, Kansas for the weekend. First time flying without the WHOLE family in a LONG time. But it was for a good cause: it was my sister, Katie's wedding shower that weekend! This is her with Chance.

The three sisters were together for the first time in a LONG time, and with only one baby there between us! It was weird. Nice weird though.

The shower was hosted by Cheryl Cordry, the ultimate giver of showers in my mom's circle of friends.

Cheryl has a lovely home in which to give a shower. In fact, growing up, she was about the fanciest lady I knew.

See? Oooh. Aaaah. Crystal stuff.

And very Kansas! :)

Even her kitchen is great for hosting events.

Katie got lots of great stuff.

And pretty much ALL of Chance's family attended! They live on a farm out in western Kansas. This is Chance's mom. Scroll up again and look at Chance. Then look at his mom. Ha! Twin heads for sure.
Okay, so her eyes aren't open, but this is Tara, Chance's sister. Twin heads again! I bet I know what Katie and Chance's kids will look like!

This was his grandmother and aunt section. They were such nice ladies.

My mom's international student friends all came. They were nice as well.

Old friends came. This is Kirsty who we used to trick-or-treat with as kids.
And this is Robyn, our old next-door-neighbor.

Not a great picture but these are the cute wedding cake cookies Cheryl made.

Mom and Cheryl have been friends forever, and Cheryl ended up being in the delivery room with my  mom when Katie was born! My dad was leading a "Holy lands" tour in Israel and was supposed to be home two weeks before the due date, but Katie decided to come early. So Cheryl has always been Aunt Cheryl to Katie.

One of Katie's bridesmaids, Erin, with her daughter, Genevieve.

The bride-to-be.

The practice bouquet I worked on with all the bows from the shower.

Laura's job was writing down the presents for Katie.

But come on, the star of the show was Luella when she arrived at the end with Grandad.

Alright, that's not true. Katie was the star. But Wella was pretty darn cute and I was so proud of Grandad for getting her up from her nap, changing her, and getting her to the party in a little dress! Thanks Grandad! And happy wedding Katie.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

Wella is always the star! DUH!!! I miss her sooo much! and thanks for helping with all my shower and wedding needs in like 48 hrs! you're a rockstar matron of honor!