Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day at Grandma and Grandpa's house

I'm slowly catching up with my posts. Father's Day was last week, but here it is: better late than never. This is four generations of Harris men on a couch.

We were in Glenview at Matt's parents house. My kids love going to Glenview. It's a great grandparent's house. So many little memorable touches.

Like the green door. You know my kids will always think of the green door at Grandma's.

And the plastic green swing on the tree out front that has been there since Uncle David was little.

And the backyard with the fort Matt and his college roomates helped build for Uncle David when he was little. Did I mention that Uncle David, Matt's younger brother, is 16 years younger than Matt?

And the kitchen. The kitchen with the cabinet doors that fell off years ago, but stay that way because Grandma thinks the stuff is more easily accessible that way. The kitchen that always has banana's hanging up, sweet iced tea in the fridge....
...and canisters full of little things kids like to snack on.

She has all these neat little figurines and things from the farmhouse she grew up in.

Her mom's china cabinet filled with generations of wedding china, (which she actually, often).

Pictures like this.

And the well-loved basket of kids toys. The chewable rubber foot and all kinds of great stuff like that.

Aunt Rebecca loves the piano as much as Claire does.

And there are dozens of pictures of Daddy as a little boy around the house.

There was a Father's Day football game.

It was mainly the brothers.

But Sammy was included as well.

And Aunt Sarah jumped in at the end.

We celebrated Wella's birthday with Grandma and Grandpa and Luella got some fun things.

I just think its funny, both at Matt's parent's house and my own parent's house, to think of all the things my kids are going to remember about their grandparent's homes. I have such strong memories of my grandparent's home in Inverness, IL, and I'm so happy that my kids will have their own as well. It's such a great part of childhood.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

I can STILL remember every part of Nanas house, and the smell....and you're so right!
And David looks like Channing Tatum in that football pic! lol