Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sammy's 5th birthday

Matt was out of town all week, but he was a nice daddy and came back on Wednesday night for one night to go to Claire's Awana grand prix race (they had built a car together for it) and so that he could wake up and have birthday breakfast with Sam on Thursday. I can't believe my baby is five! Alright, so really he has seemed 5 for about 2 years, but it still means I officially have all "school aged" children. Well, alright, I have an almost-newborn too, but still!
Grammy and Grandad (my parents) got Sammy a playmobil firetruck and a Schleic catapult. He was thrilled!

Actually, I had told my mom this is what Sammy wanted, but when he opened the catapult I was informed that he had wanted a CANNON...not a catapult. So, while he was in school that morning, Claire and I went back and exchanged it for a cannon. Actually, we exchanged it for a playmobil pirate ship that HAD a cannon on it for the same price as the Schleic cannon. I am kinda mildly obsessed with Playmobil right now. They have the cutest stuff!

Aunt Laura and the cousins called to sing him Happy Birthday early in the morning and he liked it, but was embarassed...hence the funny face.

We got Sammy legos that Claire and I got to pick out at the Lego Store on Michigan Avenue. That was a very fun experience because the lego store has these walls filled with bins of individual legos and you can fill up a tub with whichever specific lego pieces you want! We got lots of wheels and steering wheels because Sam and Claire mainly like to make cars. Matt was picked up at around 7:30am to go back to Indiana, but he still got to play for a while with the new presents before he left.

I also really like legos right now. It's something they will both play with for a pretty extended time, so I feel like they are worth the money, which I rarely say about toys.

This is the firehouse that Sammy built out of cutting boards, blocks, and a stool for his Playmobil firefighters. All of this happened before 8am you know and he had been up for about 2 and a half hours at this point. It was a LONG day, especially with Matt gone that night too, but it was a fun day nonetheless. Happy Birthday Sammy Sam!

(His original loot, before the exchange for the Playmobil pirate ship)

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