Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Showers by Bridget

If you're going to have a baby shower, you should let my friend Bridget throw it for you. I'm not saying she's in the business or anything, but she sure can throw a party! Here she is (she's third from the left) with her three sisters who all came to my shower. Thanks ladies!

She used to have a cafe in Colorado back in the day and she's just basically an incredible cook, so she made about a dozen incredible homemade dishes that everyone enjoyed. We invited church friends, neighborhood ladies, ladies from City Garden, and, of course, family. Here's Matt's mom and sister Rebecca standing by the awesome food spread.

The lovely hostess and her own baby, Annabel.


...who was there with her mom, Mary, and baby Dixie.

Grandma and Claire! Granda brought me warm-weather maternity shirts (just in time!) and lots of fun baby gear like diaper-changing pads and lots of other fun stuff.

Ms. Nikki V, who made us a great snuggly thing that goes over a baby carrier to keep them warm. Genius!

And sweet baby Isaiah was kind enough to let us model it on him.

The ladies from my mom's group at church were least several of them: Kristin, Breah, and Brigitte.

Here we are: the River City ladies....and baby Isaiah.

Afterwards, Sam and Matt showed up to carry things home for us (we live just a few houses down) and the kids took all the balloons.

The great shower gifts have sparked a renewed interest in baby-doll playing around here. Here, Claire's doll, "Baby Darling" models one of the outfits we received.

Everyone was so generous. I asked for hand-me-downs and things I could borrow and people really showed up with incredible stuff: diapers, outfits, co-sleepers, strollers, (actually the stroller was new from Bridget and her sisters) and much, much more! I was totally overwhelmed.

Here is the stroller we picked out. It's the Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain stroller or something like that. I always wanted a jogging stroller with my other kids but never got one for myself for some reason. And they make them so nice now-a-days with the swivelling front wheel and all! Baby Doll "Hope" is getting a ride here.

And Matt's mom got us a "Jenny-Jump-up". It has been all I could do to keep Sammy out of it.

See what I mean? They are totally into playing "babies" together right now. I love it! Thank you to my lovely hostess for the great shower and for all who came. Especially those who fought terrible traffic driving in from the 'burbs! Darn road construction season!

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