Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few house updates

I found this great coffee table on craigslist last week and fell in love with it. We wanted a glass table to keep the room open and airy, but didn't want anything modern looking. This one has really ancient-looking detailed wrought iron legs and a large beveled glass top. There are no sharp corners, so although it's not exactly baby-friendly, it's not exactly a death trap either. It's also nice and big so that the person in the leather chair can set their drink on it as well!

The basement. Remember the basement? Well, it's not out of house beautiful or anything, but if you look back at the last post I did of the basement, you'll notice that things have slightly improved. The staircase leading down has been painted bright white and the dangerous nails and hooks and things that were sticking out of the walls have been removed.

Our friend John painted the whole thing with white primer: ceilings and all. I came back in and painted the doors and windows with a satin-y white, and painted the walls with a lighter blue paint than before. John has all this "oops" paint that he bought from Home Depot for $5, so we used that.

"Oops" paint is paint people bought and then took home and realized was not quite right and then returned. So, you can find it for really cheap. Thanks John!

Like I said: it's not House Beautiful or anything, but it's a huge improvement.

Here is the view of the wall on the front of the house. The whole reason for making the basement kid-friendly is so that the kids can run through this door in the summer to use the downstairs bathroom and stuff.

Even the view out the front window is improving. Apparently we have tulips!

Here is my patch-test of basement floor paint. You aren't technically supposed to use it on industrial tile, but it seems like it dried pretty hard so we may just try it anyway. It's all about a clean coat of paint on everything. So that's it!

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