Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A good weekend

Saturday was a fun day. It was Earth Day, which means our church was cleaning up Humboldt Park, but we forgot about that. We did GO to Humboldt Park however, and then felt appropriately bad that we had forgotten about clean-up day. But we did feed the ducks (geese actually)  if that helps the earth at all.

And we climbed trees! Also very earthy right? Okay, I personally did not climb the trees but that would not have been a nice thing to do to the tree. 

Then we went to one of our favorite places: Margie's Candies. It's a great place to get chocolates and lunch, but the main fun is actually in their incredible ice cream sundays.

They have this old fashioned soda-fountain bar, with a huge bowl of bananas sitting on it for their banana splits.

I like the place because it reminds me of a place my dad used to take me as a kid: the Old Mill Tasty Shop in Wichita, Kansas.

They don't work, but there are little juke boxes at all the tables which entertains Sam for a good 5 seconds!

Claire and Matt pour over the menu of ice cream delightfulness but usually end up getting some version of the same thing every time: the banana split.

The only choice is between which flavors of ice cream to put in the sunday and also whether to get regular or Jumbo. Okay, so we always get Jumbo.

Alright, I look like a man in this picture, but Sammy is pretty darn cute right?

 We tried about 4 times to get a cute kissing picture with Claire as the photographer, but Sammy was somehow messing up every shot. This was the least intrusive by Sammy believe it or not. Poor Matt...he'll take the love when he can get it.

 So this is what they bring to your table. Three scoops of ice cream (we had mint chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio) with whip cream, cherries, nuts, cookies, and homemade hot fudge.

 And although it seems enormous when they bring it....

...it doesn't last very long.

No one would stop shoveling their ice cream in long enough to take a group picture.

And pretty soon I had missed out on some of the shoveling so I had to quit photographing the experience before I missed my chance for any of it.

The bowl is this giant shell and all the stuff sticks to the sides and Sammy licks it out for a good 10 minutes after it's gone.

Happy ice cream lovers.

Here they are outside in front of the giant ice cream cone.

And the happiness lasted until Sammy and myself (the lactose intolerant ones) started having intestinal woes in the car. But it was totally worth it! Happy belated earth day.

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