Friday, April 30, 2010

Mud room/ Office

A few other parts of the house were driving me crazy. And this one still isn't done because we need a new desk and we need to move the craft drawers to the "new" basement, but I did get new shelves for my old mud room.

This middle white shelf we've had forever and I think it was given to us years ago. It was in Claire's room but then we switched it with the brown one (after painting it) that used to be in the mud room. Then I had the idea of some kind of built-in shelves or cabinets for the mud room (which doubles as our homeschooling/craft room) but we don't want to spend the necessary funds on built-ins right away.

I found closets like these white ones at home depot for around $130/piece, but then I found them on craigslist for $50! They had only been used to hold quilting fabric in some older ladies home so they were in perfect condition. So now all of our homeschool books and crafts and also office-supplies are in one place. Our desktop computer totally bit the dust a few weeks ago which is why we got rid of the computer armoire, but we'll need a little desk for the laptop at some point. But for now, I feel like it's so much more spacious!

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