Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter...really late

Because this blog is as much a place for me to record things for myself and my own family as for anything else, I'm including this Easter post. I know it's late, late, late, but I like looking back at past Christmases and Easters and all that and seeing what we did each year. My computer/internet is on the fritz, so I'm posting very sporadically lately.

These Resurrection Eggs were given to us by Matt's mom a few years ago. The kids love them. Each plastic egg has a little symbol of Easter in it and the kids love going through them and finding the crown of thorns and the cross and the donkey and all the little charms.

I tried very hard this year to emphasize the resurrection over easter candy. We read lots of Bible stories leading up to Easter starting from Palm Sunday and on, but when I asked Claire to draw pictures of Easter with me, she still drew a basket with eggs while I tried to capture our risen savior presenting himself to Mary. I guess it's hard for a 7-year-old to not want to focus on the candy.

And I'll admit, I do like the Easter basket part of Easter myself. My mom did a great job with our baskets growing up, so I always try to make my kids' baskets just as fun.

Claire got this cute little birdy eraser, some lip gloss and books along with her candy.

See? I love the birdy eraser.

Now, growing up, we woke up to our baskets being beside our bed, and I thought that was fun. But this year, my kids heard that their friend Annabel has to wake up and go FIND her basket somewhere hiding in the house so they suggested that the Easter bunny do the same at our house.

Claire loved her books and read them both that week.

Sammy loved his police car that makes police car siren noises...until the siren stopped working about 5 minutes later.

Anyway, Happy Easter....very late. Hopefully next year we can transition even more to putting the emphasis on Christ. However, we did do lots of activities and stories and such leading up to the holiday...I just think when you throw a basket of candy on top of it all, that is sure to take center stage with litle ones. Maybe it's unavoidable.

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