Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When you can't leave the house for weeks at a time

Matt was gone last week, as I've said in previous posts. He got home on Friday and I literally hadn't walked out of the house all week. Sammy  had been sick all week and I just couldn't bring myself to load up a sick kid and go anywhere. Incidentally, I STILL have hardly left the house 5 days later because Claire and then Luella also got sick. BUT, I've realized that if the daddy is home and you can't leave the house, you can get a LOT done.

This is what our house looked like when Matt got home on Friday.

And this.

And this.

And this. Nice dining room table!

But on Saturday morning, I got it cleaned up!


Much better.

And the kids broke in the new chalkboard wall with the new chalk Matt ordered.

Now, a woman can't get a house cleaned while her children are home. Especially if one of your children is this little worker man pictured above.
So Matt took him to Home Depot Saturday morning to buy this composter for the back yard.

Since we joined that farm share and are getting vegetables weekly, we realized we were wasting tons and tons of organic vegetable peelings every week that we could use for our garden next summer.

And we started the compost with the peels from a butternut squash, a few potatoes, an onion and some carrots because I made this butternut squash soup for the family this weekend. It ws pretty good and super easy. It was something like THIS recipe, but with modifications since I didn't have everything.

I also carried the TV that we used to have in our bedroom into the basement and set it up so that I could start doing my Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred video. I finally did it yesterday. And now I will spend 5 days recovering from that.

At Home Depot Matt also picked up this board.

Then he cut it with a jigsaw into this shape so that we could turn it into a headboard for Claire's room. We just staple gunned foam onto it and then batting...

...and finally some material I had picked out.

I used a LOT of staples trying to get it all smooth. I used a slightly stretchy fabric which may have been a bad idea in terms of getting the design on the fabric to line up smoothly on the front.
It turned out like this.
And I put it in Claire's room which now has a twin bed in it instead of a queen.

Here's her room without the headboard. I think I like it better without (don't tell Matt). I picked out stupid material...that's the problem.

We put the queen in Sammy's room because he actually has more room in there since he doesn't share with the baby like Claire does. I don't have bedding for a boy's queen sized bed yet so it's blank.
Finally, I ate the last of the Valentines chocolates. Sob.

And I kissed this baby a lot.

And you would too.

Because look at her legs! Chub rolls with pulled up socks and no pants are awesome.


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

theres too much for me to comment on! i love it all though! love the house (as usual), love sammy sam and matt lookin cute, love the headboard project, love the wella wella (builder of a new society???), and love you! miss ya.

MA mom said...

Maybe you should have majored in interior design or something in the arts instead of accounting. You can care for 3 young children and update a house at the same time....and do a good job at both.