Friday, February 18, 2011

Matt has been gone

Matt has been gone this week, and it pretty much went as I expected. Bad. Well, not entirely, but it didn't help that it started with Sammy puking on Sunday. He stayed up kinda late because his tummy hurt too much to sleep.

I didn't watch much of the grammy awards, but I turned it on for a minute and Sammy was really into watching Mick Jagger perform. Then he got a HUGE kick out of this lady. He said: "wow! Her whole body is fancy!" :)

So, due to sickness Sam stayed home Monday through Wednesday and we canceled everything because of germs. Claire and I actually had a bit of a honeymoon period with Sam there for a day or two because he is really sweet when he's sick!

But then I let him stay home ONE day too long and we realized that he wasn't actually sick anymore. NOW, he was just stir crazy from having layed around for 4 days. He also managed to fall off a coffee table and cut the skin on his boy parts. How do you bandage that?! So, he laid around for another day.

By the next day, he was well and playing, but we were ALL really cabin-fever-ish from having not gotten out of the house in days. And of course no daddy was walking through the door to help lessen the tensions, so I got a little crazy. Sammy was super disobedient and picked on Claire all day until I really lost it on him. A low point. I think I yelled something at him like: "I don't even KNOW anymore Sam. You tell ME how I should get you to obey!" Awesome parenting skills.

So I suck. Luckily, our West Side Ladies (scout troupe) came over tonight and that eased a lot of tensions around here. Having other people in these four walls with us was very nice. But then Claire stepped on something and hurt herself. Seriously. This week just needs to end. BUT, on a much nicer note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT KATIE! I still remember when you were born. You smelled really good.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

haha thanks! ill try to keep smelling good:) oh wait...we have wella to smell and kiss!! :)