Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hotel getaway

Matt has this old credit card that had a few points on it. They were about to expire, so we used them to get a deal on a hotel in downtown Chicago for a night. It was an Embassy Suites, which I'm pretty sure Matt chose for the breakfast omelette buffet that they offer in the mornings.

Oh, not by ourselves of course. With the kiddos! But it was a good one-night vacation from the cold Chicago winter. There was a pool there afterall.

We were giddy actually. Sometimes I don't leave the house for days except to pick Sammy up from City Garden.

The kids packed their swimsuits and that was what kept them busy for the entire 18 hours that we were there.

It wasn't even a very good pool. It was like some kind of lap pool or something. It added to my argument that Matt had picked this hotel for it's omelettes.

Wella and I chilled by the side. She had never been in a pool at this point.

That night we went to the restaurant that was in our hotel. PJ Clarks. It was relatively family friendly.

Claire and Matt. They both look a little squinty-eyed from the chlorine.

I got stuffed shrimp. It had something like a crabcake inside. Delicious.

There was much jumping on the beds... Sammy.

Lots of jumping.


The view out our window.

Wella practicing her "crawling" on the hotel floor. Gross.

With her brother as her assistant.

I'm not sure what Claire was doing in this picture. It seems like it's some kind of video game..except we don't have a video game.

We took like 100 pictures in front of this window trying to get a good family picture. It didn't happen.

We got the free breakfast the next morning.

Matt ate his weight in eggs, and the kids took a picture of us with Wella. Well, they tried. She wasn't looking at the camera.

Still wouldn't.

And now Matt's head isn't in the picture either. Nevermind. Well, it was a good time. Even if it did only last from 4pm to 11am.

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ohio12 said...

we LOVE Embassy Suites. The girls call it NBC suites. Glad you had a good time! Your dinner looks mmmmmm.