Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting ready for the wedding of the year! (Wichita trip part 3)

As I've said, my baby sister Katie is marrying her fiance, Chance, this summer on August 27th. Needless to say we are very excited for them.

Afterall, we love Chance.

I mean, Chance loves Chicago.

And Chance puts up with Sam.

And Chance loves Wella-Wella. And if you love Wella-Wella, we love you. Chance is the obvious choice in our opinion. Oh yeah, and he loves Aunt Katie! Bonus.

So, when we were in Wichita post-Christmas, we took them out for a little celebrating. First, we went to a fun restaurant called Hangar One Steakhouse by the airport in Wichita for an engagement celebration. I was skeptical that a restaurant called Hangar One would be romantic, but it was actually really great! Then, the next day, we went in search of the perfect cupcakes for the wedding. Katie wants cupcakes and NOT a cake, afterall. She's very chic.

My mom, our family friend, Cheryl, Chance, Katie, Matt, and I all went to Sugar Sisters to try their cupcakes first. Not too shabby. Katie liked the strawberry best. And I think the lemon. But overall, my mom and I rated them a little dry.

We didn't have too long to shop around that day, so I talked Katie into heading to Bagatelle Bakery next...the place that had made Matt's and my wedding cake. Especially since Matt and I celebrated 9 years over the Christmas holiday, I wanted to go for old times sake. The cakes were yum, of course, and they gave us a full sampler platter, but they don't do cupcakes which was a deal breaker for Katie and Chance. 

That's okay. The happy couple have since found the perfect cupcakes (and venue, and florist, and caterer) for their wedding. Head over to her blog if you want to follow her wedding preparations. We had fun celebrating with them...even if it was only for a few days. Oh, and we just got a sweet little package in the mail asking Claire and Sammy to be flower girl and ring bearer (along with their sweet cousins Ellie and Jane of course)! We are all very excited. Happy planning Katie and Chance!

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

Aw thanks for the shout out!!! I wish you all were here to plan along with me:)
And yes...Chenis is a perfect addition to the fam!! haha