Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scavenger hunt (Wichita trip part 2)

This is really late. Like over a month late. But when we were in Wichita over Christmas, my baby sister and her fiance, Chance created a whole elaborate scavenger hunt for the kids to get them to their Christmas presents. It was great.

It took up a big part of the day too, which is always nice. The kids looked forward to it for a few days in advance and the build-up was enormous.

We started inside and followed the clues Katie wrote.

Backyard...looking for clues. They had to find a red glittery snowflake ornament each time to get their clue.

Claire was the reader.

After covering Grammy and Grandad's house, we headed to Chance's apartment for the rest of the clues.

Part of the hunt required them to play a little Wii.

Claire loved Wii bowling!

Oh, and we got to peak at the pink gun that Chance got Katie for Christmas. A pink gun. Now the girl really does have everything! ;)

Wella came, but didn't get any clues.

She didn't care though. She felt the festive vibe and was very excited about the whole thing.

My dad having a little snack mid-hunt.

He has one of the glittery snowflake clues on his ear. Haha.

Last clue.

Led us out to the side of the house where there was a stash of presents. A giant cardboard clubhouse to paint for Claire and a skateboard ramp thing with tiny skateboards for Sam. AND a cup full of Chucky Cheese tokens. The present to Matt and I was that Katie and Chance took them to Chucky Cheese to use all those coins...not us. Thank goodness. I hate that place. But the kids had a BLAST! Thanks Aunt Tater!

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

It was so fun! :) Miss you all!