Monday, December 7, 2009

Turkey Day with the fam

So, three days after we moved into the new house....and as the paint on the cabinets was still family came for Thanksgiving! It was really hilarious because when we originally planned this family reunion, we thought we would have been into the new house by the 1st of November. That was the plan anyway...

Of course things never work out that way, but my family members were all very gracious as we ate off of folding tables and tried to cook a Thanksgiving dinner in my barely-installed kitchen. I won't even mention the plumbing issue that happened on Thanksgiving morning. But lets just say that Matt spent most of that morning shop-vac-ing raw Turkey water off of the basement floor. Ah, the blessings of a 100 year old house. We managed to make it fun though. The kids decorated gingerbread cookies.

Sammy made these. Surprised?

In addition to my own family (which includes my parents, my little sister, Katie, and my sister's family) we also invited Matt's whole family to eat dinner with us. So, all in all, there were 16 of us! I have never hosted Thanksgiving before. Heck, I've never even successfully cooked a turkey before. But we pulled it off! Thanks to my big sister and mother helping to make massive amounts of potatoes, green beans, stuffing, pies, etc.

Here's Aunt Sarah, Matt's sister.

And his parents.

My little sister, Aunt Katie. I didn't get very good pictures of people that weekend. Sorry Kates.

Here were the grown ups after dinner. We didn't bother rounding up the kids again once they ran off to play.

My parents checked into a downtown hotel one night. Those lovebirds.

The kids had a great time swimming and looking out the windows of Grammy and Grandad's hotel.

My dad is famous for swimming all his kids around on his back. He makes great motor boat noises too.

It was a good time! If you want to see pictures of our other downtown excursions, head over to Laura's blog here. And yes, I realize this post is a little late for a Thanksgiving post. But I'm a little behind on everything this year.


The Whites said...

typical Katie... is that a phone in your hand ;-)

On the Verge said...

HAHA noooo ...yess.... ;) texting and football. best day EVER. :) suze you did a great job, everything was great! i didnt even need to drink to deal with the fact that there were so many strong wills in one house! (hiccup!) ...promise!