Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie

Seven years ago today, my niece Ellie was born. She was my older sister's first child. Three months later, I had Claire. And, of course, my sister Laura and I have never been the same since. Ellie was a beautiful baby who I loved the moment I held her. We took a million pictures of her and, when Claire came along, we tortured those poor babies with countless baby photo shoots. "Let's get one of them in the basket"...."oooh, let's get them in their matching sweatshirts"....."lets get them with their daddies".....etc, etc.

Well, most of those baby pictures were lost to one of the TWO times my computer hard drive has crashed, taking all my digital pictures with it, (sob!) so now I only have the "big girl" pictures.

 But Ellie is still a beautiful, smart, energetic girl who loves animals and rocks and American Girl dolls and Egyptian history and her sister and everyone...even Sam!

She's always been very good at humoring him. Happy Birthday Ells! We love you!

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ohio12 said...

thank you so much suz! precious.