Friday, December 11, 2009

Letters to Santa

Claire and Sammy have been entertaining themselves occasionally by going through the toy catalogs in the mail and making "wish lists" for Santa. Now, honestly, both my kids know Santa isn't real (I think...Sammy's on the fence). And they also know that we don't just make a selfish little list of our hearts desires and expect to get everything on them. But, they work together so cutely while they do this project (Claire writing while Sammy dictates his desires) that I usually let them carry on with this project. Claire sealed her letter to Santa this year, but I broke into it last night because I was dying to see what she came up with.

If you can't read this, I'll just interpret: "Dear Santa, I've been a good girl, (a very good girl). This is what I want for Christmas: travelers calligraphy set, girls heather harp, advanced communicator watches, my own radio, camera, Iphone, (her friend Annabel's daddy creates "aps" for Iphones so she's played with one over there. We, however, still have the first cell phones ever made). Waterproof digital camera."

She goes on at the bottom of the page: " own computer, spy set, candy making set, chemistry set, invis(ible) ID black light spy pen. Love, Claire H."

She includes a separate "change of address" card in the envelope as well. It says, "Dear Santa, I have moved to 908 S Claremont. Up at the top of the page you can make "dorecans" (directions) to my house! Love, Claire". At the top of the page she draws a picture of the north pole and then on the other side she drew a picture of our house and then leaves space for Santa to figure out how to get from one to the other. Haha.

For some reason, Sammy's is even funnier to me. It's funny because Claire wrote it for him. It's funny because she puts the very specific description straight out of the magazine; and it's funny because of what he wants. It's also a little funny because, believe it or not, I got him about half of this stuff. It reads: "Dear Santa, I've been a very good boy. This is what I want for Christmas: compound bowspecs, the William Wallace sword, the red ryder (bb gun), remote-controlled tank, crossbow, sling shot. Love, Samuel".

I'm pretty sure this was Napoleon Dynamite's Christmas list as well. So for you relatives that want to know what my kids want for Christmas, now you know.


On the Verge said...

I know i wanted advanced communicator watches for MY 6th Christmas.... ;)

Ellagator said...

Those letters are soo adorable! You crack me up with the Napolean Dynamite stuff. :)