Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This morning, we woke up to this out our window!

Sammy ran into my bed and screamed "mom! (gasp)'s...snowing!" He has been planning for this first snow of the year all week. When Matt told him that it might snow this week, he begged for new snow boots until we finally relented and went to Target. I kept telling him "we'll get you new boots when it snows!" His reply: "but then I'll miss that part of that DAY!" He had a point.

He wasted no time getting dressed and outside this morning.

I'm pretty happy about the snow too...especially since it's not so freezing outside yet.

Claire also got in on the excitement. She got her snow pants on and layered-up.

And believe it or not, she actually threw the first snow ball. Granted, Sammy was so excited for the snow that he kept saying "hey, Twaire (Claire) throw it at me! Throw it at my face!" She did. But she missed. Oh well, she has all winter to practice.

1 comment:

ohio12 said...

your new house looks so cute and urban in the snow. (cute kids too)

Sammy must have gotten the plan ahead gene from me. Why would anyone wait and buy the boots AFTER the first snow fell? Especially in Chicago!