Saturday, July 25, 2009

Venetian Night at Navy Pier

We went to Navy Pier for the afternoon and evening today. I promised the kids we'd ride the ferris wheel and that we'd get cotton candy. They were psyched. We had a great time and the kids held out all night...from the ferris wheel to the carousel to the fireworks and the late-night bus ride home.
This ferris wheel is 10-stories high! Yikes!
I was very nervous about my little Sam-Sam up so high in a ferris wheel!
This carousel was really beautiful. The kids rode it alone and did great. When it was time to get off the ride, they held hands to come and find us. Holding hands! Precious...and rare...for them.
Putt-Putt. Sammy kept swinging his club too hard and Claire had to run to go potty halfway through.
Seeing a bride. I always get to see a bride!
A "white party" which took off on a cruise before the fireworks.
Dinner at Billygoats tavern. Cheezeborgers.
Views off the pier.
Sammy chilling with the band in the beer garden.
Funny mirrors.
Cotton candy.
The fireworks.
Watching the fireworks, but it was still mainly about the cotton candy at this point.
Goodbye Navy Pier! I love you Chicago, but don't expect me to have that same love for you in February.
Late-night bus ride down Grand Street.
Cotton-candy face. Great day.


Anonymous said...

Sammy = Tiger Woods

Your blog is awesome.

Kate said...

You do such fun things with your kids (and FOR them)!! I love reading your blog.

ohio12 said...

looks like a great night!