Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Matt and I swore to each other back in college that we'd never take children to the downtown Chicago fireworks. We went together once when we were dating and it was like a total mosh pit where people were sqeezed in so tight to each other that I could hardly breath. Some people were smoking something funny in front of us and then a few other guys started throwing bottles back and forth to each other. I saw people with strollers and couldn't believe it! I'd be so panicked if I was there with my kids. So, we never have.
Some years we're in Wichita and some years we're in Glenview. This year we were with Matt's family in Glenview. So, Claire and I baked a fruit cobbler...
....and a giant chocolate Texas sheet cake as our contribution to the dinner. Both were from Pioneer Woman's recipes, and although the cake is delicious, the cobbler was only so-so. Or maybe I just don't love cobbler that way. It tasted like dinner bisquits on top of fruit. Kinda bland in my opinion.
Another friend of Grandma's brought these little berry shortcakes, which I thought were pretty.
It was rainy on the 4th, but all the events carried on as usual. We even got to see part of a parade as we drove from downtown to the suburbs.
Matt's mom is very patriotic. She has a lot of Americana-type decorations throughout the year anyway, but she really pulls out the red, white, and blue on the 4th.
Poor Grandpa had to barbeque for a big house full of family and friends in the rain. I love his tiny Weber over on the left. Haha.
Claire got to hold a baby that was visiting from Grandma's church. Her name is Nora. After holding her Claire said "I'm definitely going to be a mom when I grow up!"
We also met Trinity. She is 5 and she and Claire had a great day together.
There was hoola-hooping.
And attempts at pogo-stick jumping.
Not to mention volleyball playing...
...and some sitting. A little more sitting as the night went on and bedtime came and went while we waited for the fireworks to start.
Matt's parent's house is ON the golf course where the Glenview fireworks go off every year, so we are very lucky because we get to just walk over from the house!
We also get to watch the whole set-up for the big event. The firetrucks rolled in around 7 and Sammy was very excited because one of them waved at him. I love suburban firemen! (I love you too city firefighters...please come if my house is on fire!).
As the evening went on, people started to gather on the golf course.
And the orchestra started to warm up. It's very Norman Rockwell to listen to an orchestra tune their instruments as you play in the backyard and wait for the fireworks,
As soon as it was getting dark, we grabbed blankets and headed over. Grandma pulled out the glowsticks which kept them busy for the last few minutes of torturous and tired waiting.
Claire loves those things!
Then the national anthem was sung and the show started.
Sammy loved it, which was good because 2 years ago, when we were in Glenview for the 4th, Sammy was so terrified of the fireworks that we had to run back to Grandma's house for safety. I can't believe he was a scared baby 2 years ago. Now he just yells "cool" and "awesome". Wah! I don't have any babies anymore! Sammy told a lady yesterday that I try to steal everybodies babies when I meet them. He's totally right. I do. But yet....I'm not quite convinced I want to start over.
And I've got these guys! I'm very blessed.

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