Wednesday, July 1, 2009


...take your kids to the 12th street beach behind the Planetarium, (if you live in Chicago that is). It was much better than our attempt at wading in the river.
My dad, who lives in Kansas, grew up in Chicago and even drove city buses when he was in school. So, when I was growing up, we would come to Chicago every summer and dad would teach us all about the city. One thing he taught us is that the planetarium is the best place to go to take pictures of the city. He was right! It totally is.
The taste of Chicago was going on at the time, so there was even an extra ferris wheel in Chicago for the week!
I never get sick of looking at the south loop area of Chicago...especially the Sears Tower. Isn't it called something new now? I should know this...but I'll never call it a new name.
So, then we headed to the beach area.
Sammy and Claire took no time just diving right in. The water is still VERY cold, so I was suprised. Sammy kept telling us that he wished he had brought a surf board.
I love how unreserved kids are about things. Claire just stood there for a long time doing these hand motions to herself while watching the waves. It was cracking us up.
We saw sail boats and everyone said how Grandad (my dad) should have been here to see them. So, we took a picture of one. Here grandad! We promise to get you out on one again some day!
Claire took pictures of Matt and me.
And then, on the way back to the car, we got to see a wedding party! I love seeing brides around the city in the summer. I only followed them around for a while. Matt said I had to stop after it became apparent that I was doing it.
Just a few more shots on the way home. Sammy begged and begged for sandals and now, of course, he won't wear them....even to the beach. Oh Sammy Sam.

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Urban Mom said...

Is Chicago great in the summertime or what?? =-)

Seeing that the weather is staying pretty cool there. That water must have been *freezing!* Kids are always braver about that stuff. Or I'm a big wimp. Maybe both?

Glad to see that the beach day worked out so well!