Saturday, July 11, 2009


On Friday morning, during our last day of summer camp at school, Claire's teacher (Cecilia's mother) had a baby girl. She was 3 weeks early but still weighed 7lbs 10oz!
We have the priviledge of keeping Cecilia at our house this weekend while her mother and baby sister are at the hospital. That also meant that I got to be one of the first people to see the baby since I brought Cecilia to the hospital to meet her that afternoon. She is now the proud big sister to Dixie Alice. Isn't that cute?
They were fast friends. Granted, baby Dixie was pretty sleepy during our visit, but we could tell she loved her big sister.
Oh my goodness. I don't want another baby. I don't want another baby. I don't want another baby. I just have to keep telling myself that. But she's so precious and small! Mom, seriously, I'm not going to have another one, but I do happen to be surrounded by cute babies right now, and I do tend to want to take them home with me.
We only have one little problem. Cecilia is apparently deathly afraid of elevators and had to take one to get up to the 13th floor of the new beautiful Prentice Women's Hospital. Then, of course, her mom, who'd had a c-section, was all hooked up to machines and stuff, so that freaked her out too. So now, she doesn't want to go back to the hospital to visit mom and baby sister any more. In fact, she's so freaked out right now that she doesn't want to talk to her mom on the phone either. She said to me "I think I'll just stay with you until my mom comes back." Her dad is supposed to have her at night at their house, but she doesn't want to go home until her mom is back.
I feel so bad, like I'm stealing their child. And I'm sure poor Mary is feeling like she's lost her oldest child, but I told them I'd do whatever they wanted. I said she can stay with us or go with her dad, and I promised to try to get her over to the hospital to visit tomorrow. I'm hoping I can bribe her with something. Aren't kids funny? They get the weirdest things in their heads. I think little Cecilia has just decided she can't deal with all the changes so she'll just chill with us for a while until her family is normal again. Well, we've had a great time with her, and have had many treats during her visit, including frequent trips to Mario's for Italian ice. A perfect summer treat. Welcome to the world baby Dixie! I can't wait to rub your soft skin on my face some more, so come home soon!

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Robin said...

Even her picture is cuddly cute.
But, I don't want another baby either : )