Wednesday, July 8, 2009

City Garden summer camp...and updates

We thought Cecilia's mommy was in labor last Sunday, so she came over to spend the night!
Turns out, it was a false alarm, but these guys sure didn't mind the party! Cecilia's baby is scheduled to be delivered via c-section this Friday, so we'll be having her here this coming weekend as well. She and Claire and Sam have a great time together.
This week, I'm helping out with the last week of City Garden's summer camp. It goes from 9-1 and the kids basically play outside in the yard the whole time. There are several baby pools full of water, (which basically end up getting used to flood the sand box) snacks, crafts, and just basic frolicking. This little girl on the left, Opal, is my personal favorite this week. She's so cute....and her mom does about 2 hours of yoga a day, I've heard, and I believe it after seeing her in her workout clothes. Wow! Who knew yoga got a person that ripped!?
It's very funny to see the ideas that the little boys come up with to play. At one point they had a rope through a pulley (tied around a tree branch) and they were hoisting each other up into the tree! They also make a lot of sand/mud pies, dig, and pretend to capture opossums in cages.
The basic structure for the day is playing a lot, snack at 10:30 (you should see these kids devour a watermelon), play some more, picnic lunch at 11:30, story inside, and play some more until moms come at 1. Sammy loves it and only gets in trouble about every 30 seconds so he's doing good!
The teacher's dog turned 3 years old on Monday so we had a party for Solveig, (pronounced: Sul-vay). Any excuse for a party.
Caterpillars were caught by my daughter, (and finally released in a friends garden).
Fairy wands were made.
Oh, and fish prints! Have you ever done this bizarre craft? They literally paint a big dead fish and then flop it down onto a canvas to make a print of it. I was pretty grosed out, but Claire thought it was great fun.
I bought this ice cream maker last night at Target for $24.99 and it's not bad at all! I made ice cream this morning for the kids' snack using my mom's great recipe and everyone was very happy! The online reviews were mixed (mainly poor) but it worked out for us!
Here's my mom's recipe:
½ c sugar
¼ t salt
1 c milk
3 egg yolks beaten
1 T vanilla
2 c chilled whipping cream

Mix sugar, salt, milk, and eggs in saucepan. Cook over med heat stirring constantly until bubbles appear around edge. Cool to room temp. Stir in vanilla and cream. Put in freezer can.
Put stir spoon in place. Cover. Turn machine one, (or crank or whatever yours does). Fill tub with ice and rock salt. 6 parts ice to one part rock salt.

Other life updates for those who care:

1. We still have not closed on the "new" house. Something about needing another inspection before they are willing to give us an FHA loan.

2. Sammy went to Dr. Resnick this morning and was tested for allergies. Although he and I both have major intestinal issues with dairy, he is apparently not technically allergic to milk. So that's good. In fact, he's not allergic to anything at all!

3. Our house has not sold, but someone is coming to look at it for rent this afternoon. Bleh. Renters. I really didn't want to have to rent this out, but alas, our house is apparently unsellable.
4. Rented Revolutionary Road last night and I think I'm going to like it...just watched half before falling asleep...will let you know tomorrow.

5. Sold my Anthropology bed set on Ebay for $50 more than I paid for it. That's a deal! Especially since I decided I wasn't a huge fan afterall...of that bed set...not of Anthro. I love that place!

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You do the most creative things! I hereby give you the Best Mom award.