Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Young love

So, as I'm walking up to the yard where I pick up my kids on the days that they have school, a chorus of young 3 and 4 year old girls met me at the fence, as they usually do, to tattle-tale on Sammy for the day. It's usually something like "um.....Sammy's mom....Sammy hit Chloe today" or something of the sort. This offense may have happened 3 hours ago, but don't think that this group of girls is going to let me have my dignity and EVER walk into this school without having to apologize for my son.

The teachers really love him though, and are very good natured about his "naughtiness". In the Waldorf tradition, of course, this is thought of as pretty healthy and normal and something to grow out of while playing on the Alps in Switzerland amongst goats and while running through the fields. Of course, we have no such space, so instead Sammy takes out his extra aggression on tire swings and by digging in the garden at school and by running around with the "big boys" waving sticks in the air. Of course, someone always gets hurt, and I always hear about it.

But on this particular day, my little boy made a monumental step in his baby manhood. He fell in love. There are two classes at this school, and the daughter of one of the teachers is in Sammy's class. Her name is Cecilia and she's very gental and small (but a year older than Sam). Well, apparently today, he played "house" with her all morning, and then, during snack time....he leaned over and kissed her. Then he did it again!!! Cecilia said "well....I guess THAT was a surprise!" and all the kids loved it and laughed. Now, apparently, Sammy has also pushed Cecilia down before, but I guess you hurt the ones you love. So, I had to ask him about the whole event tonight. I guess my day as the love of his life is over.

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On the Verge said...

So presh...I feel like he is not supposed to be all big and growing up and talking about girls haha. I feel like I havent seen them in forever:(