Monday, November 3, 2008

Showers of blessings

So, today I'm trying to keep myself "on the horse" so to speak by keeping us on a little bit of a schedule/rythm of the day. Now, we didn't keep it perfectly, but after our huge weekend, I thought it went ok. As soon as the kids came up from watching Curious George (ok, they watched Sid the Science kid too...shoot) we baked these blueberry muffins together.

We don't need anything else sweet in the house, but I wasn't up for the entire morning of work that bread requires, so I went for something quick. It was relatively painless and the kids seemed to enjoy it. They are not nourishing or nutritious by any stretch of the imagination, but the kids got to dump all the ingredients in and then the house smelled cinnamon-y.

We moved right along to watercolor painting. Sammy's is the swirly top one, and Claire's is the slightly disturbing bottom one that she said was "sad babies crying in a nursery". Hmmmm....seems like working through repressed memories to me, but okay, moving right along.

Claire worked on her math book by herself, with me just peering over her shoulder occassionally to make sure her 5's and 2's weren't flipped around backwards. She is still a bit sensitive to correction, but she's getting a little better and I'm trying to make sure I "ooh" and "aah" over her correct answers before just pointing out the incorrect ones.
While Claire did her math, I handed Sammy the bucket of beans and rice again, which went ALMOST as well as the last time except at the end it turned into rubbing them on his head a bit so we decided we were all done with that.

But hurray! The great part of the day was just ahead. We met a fun new friend who commented on a few of my posts before telling me that she lives in my same area of Chicago! You don't know how huge it is to find a mother with similar views on life and raising children in the city. We met at a park near the library (with our children of course) and tried to cram in our life stories and feelings on everything from schools to church to parenting as well as our lives pre-motherhood. Of course, it was near lunch time by then, and my kids were both getting tired, so it was a little hard to talk as much as we wanted to, but I expect it will be a conversation much continued!!! Here's hoping we'll have a Near West homeschool group around here someday afterall!


ohio12 said...

can't wait to hear more about the new friend. claire's picture is disturbing/funny. and I want one of those muffins.

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Mimi said...

I noticed that you use Abeka for do you like it? I've been enjoying your blog, I found it a while back at WTM.