Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey day

We had Thanksgiving with Matt's parents in Glenview again this year. Matt's mother can cook a turkey, I'll tell ya'. I'm not even huge into turkey, because I just like the sides so much, but I swear this woman can take a 25 lb bird and stuff it full of breadcrumbs and it comes out of the oven like a magic fabulous think 7 hours later! It's not dry...but yet it's definitely cooked all the way through (something I envy since I seem to undercook poultry which would make anyone gag) and it also has that beautiful shiny brown skin.

I always take a picture of it for inspiration. Don't you just want to tear that drumstick off and eat it all by yourself?

Claire made placecards for everyone. We painted the paper, let it dry overnight, and then cut it up into little rectangles so that she could write everyone's name and and put stickers on. It became somewhat emotional because once in a while she would mess up, and since you can't really erase colored pencils, she'd be devastated. We just put extra stickers on those and started over. She's my precious little perfectionist.

I call this picture: "how many chubby guys can sit on one couch?" The best part about this picture is that my husband was sitting in the middle of a couch directly across from these men all by himself. What was going on there? I am not related to anyone here. On the right is my sister-in-laws boyfriend, the middle couple are neighbors, and on the left is boyfriend's dad. He is going senial, bless his heart, and we were all very understanding of the fact that he asked us our names 10 times and all that. But I had to try to be extra understanding of the mentally challenged when he kissed me on the mouth at the end of the night. Wow...didn't see that one coming.

This is four generations of Harris ladies: my daughter Claire, Matt's sister (Sarah), Matt's grandma (Grandma Evelyn) and Matt's mom (Debbie). Grandma Evie is, like, 85 years old! Doesn't she look awesome? I'm not going to look like that when I'm 85...I guarantee it.

Here was the spread. There were 15 people, total, I think. I can't imagine hosting a Thanksgiving dinner...when will I ever feel old enough to do regular grown up woman things? Who knows. Right now I'm too concerned about the fact that my roots are showing and my husband's 10 year reunion is tomorrow. I borrowed at least 5 shirts from Matt's sister, Sarah, so we'll see what comes of all that. Don't worry...I'll reign it in. It's an open bar, but Matt says he's just going to keep ordering me "gin and tonics...hold the gin". Fun!

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