Thursday, November 6, 2008

"If you're cool, you're cool, and that's cool...

but don't be a fool. 'Cuz coolness on this earth, really isn't the King". Haha. That song is stuck in my head from Claire's little Bible club meeting on Wednesday night (it's actually Awana if you know anything about Awana).

Isn't it funny how little kid songs sometimes have these messages that make you think even though they are totally dorky? Well, you may not understand that unless you are a mom of young children forced to listen to children's music in the car all the time. But such is my lot in life.

So today we listened over and over to Claire's new favorite Awana song:

Even the cool guys
Even the groovy girls
Need Jesus...

If you're cool, then you're cool, and that's cool
But don't be a fool
'Cuz coolness on this earth
Really isn't worth the King....

It's true that in the end
You need a famous friend
'Cuz even the cool guys
Even the groovy girls
Need Jesus

(And you have to do a little dance on the word "cool" and "groovy"...the kids love it).

Well, anyway, it just made me think for one moment about how much my image probably still means to me. Even though I'm way past (wait, am I?) trying to be a "groovy girl" like I wanted to be in junior high or high school...sometimes you gotta just remember for a moment who you're doing everything for, and make sure that the answer to that isn't "so other people like me". Because I'm a people pleaser, so that's probably the answer a good portion of the time.

Speaking of Awana, I bumped into an old friend when taking Claire and her buddies to Awana last night (usually Matt drives them and I stay home but it was me last night). Keyonda is her name and she is just a fabulous inspiration of a person. We talked and talked and I just wanted her to tell me how to be more like her last night. Then we decided we might think about collaborating on homeschooling next year (our girls are the same age). She is about as A-type and driven and busy as you can get as a person, and I think she would inspire me to get off my butt and be more goal-oriented with the whole thing. I was just about to throw in the towel with homeschooling about a month ago, because I was so worried that we wouldn't have enough of a community if I did, but now it seems like people are coming out of the woodwork!

Then, this morning, I got to hang out with my new friend Ramona and her cute daughter. We got to talk about 1,000 things finally because this is my morning that both Claire and Sam are in school. It was so great! And Ramona is an incredible mom and so intentional about everything she does. I think she's going to teach me to actually figure out why I do things rather than just barelling ahead and doing things all the time without really analyzing my intentions. And every time we get together, we find out we have something else in our birthdays are only a few weeks away from each other and we're both 29! My husband calls her "my new best friend" because I keep being like "Matt, she also likes farms!" or "She also likes Waldorf stuff" or "Guess what....she lives down the street from that coffee shop I like" or "we talked and she said she also hates it when people always move away" (ok...maybe that's universal, but still). Anyway, Ramona, you are definitely a "groovy girl." Thanks for letting me sit on your couch for 3 hours this morning.

God is definitely putting people around me right now....maybe I'm not supposed to move to a farm afterall!

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ramona said...

we MUST do it again! :)