Sunday, November 2, 2008

The token trick-or-treat post

Well, Halloween has come and gone and I'm sure all the good bloggers of the world had their kids' pictures up within hours of the big event, but I'm a little slow on the draw. But here they are nonetheless.

Sammy the brave knight. He stood outside to protect the family from all the "scary guys". We usually go over to my friend Brigitte's house (her daughter Annabel is Claire's best buddy) where the moms pass out candy and the dads take the kids around. More on Brigitte's house later. It's my dream house...

Here is my flower fairy, complete with striped tights and self-decorated wings.

Claire, the fairy, Annabel, the Dorothy (of Oz) and Sammy, the grumpy Knight. He wanted me to let him stab the "bad guy" that appears over his left soldier. I wouldn't let him so he wouldn't cooperate and smile.

Here are Claire and Annabel with Ben, one of their friends from school and Sammy's idol...a much cooler 5 year-old boy. When Sam found out that Ben was going to be a knight too, he was so excited.

After trick-or-treating, Ben's mom and dad had everyone over for grilled cheese and chili. The kids tore Ben's room apart in their sugar rages, and the parents had a few beers and chatted. This is another friend from school's mom, who came with her son Simon, a pumpkin, and her husband, her "roaring 20's" counterpart. Here she is telling us the details about being on Oprah. She got to be an audience member who asked a question! Very cool, but I missed most of the details because I heard Sammy being crazy upstairs.

Matt loves how the kids (and I) keep sticking our noses into the candy buckets and saying "smell this! I love the smell of so much candy together!" I actually said that to him this morning and he laughed and told me that the kids kept saying that to him the other night. Like mother, like children, right?

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