Friday, October 31, 2008

Taking a Sammy on a walk

In case you have a busy toddler/preschooler like I do, I thought you'd appreciate coming along with me on a morning walk with my Sam.

" can run...but stop at that big tree. Don't go any further than that. Sam? Sam? SAMMY! Stop. I mean it."

"That's not our gate, Sam. Let's leave it alone. CAREFUL! Don't close your fingers in it! Thank you. Now let's keep going. You're right though....they do have a scarey pumpkin."

"Good jump! That was great. OK, no, don't open their gate either. OK...let's go. Good! Another good jump. OK, let's go."

That's not our garage Sam...leave it alone. Come on babe.

"I know you have to go potty, but we're not too far from home. Alright, alright, well, go behind that bush. Seriously child."

My mom, husband, and probably a few others will be so upset by my posting that last picture...but it was too funny. And typical. Sorry though. Back to "reigning it in".


Jenn said...

Suze, I love this! The pics are great. Miss you!

Urban Mom said...

Too funny. I remember all of that with U-Kid 1. And potty training. She liked to go up and down every single set of stairs (assuming no gate). And one day wet herself all over someone's front porch. U-Dad & I said, "let's get outta here!!!" and hustled back hom. I still call it "her" porch.

Ya never know what can happen on a walk with a kid, right???? (hee hee)