Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So...what I did at the party...almost

So, here's the follow up to this post, where I mentioned that I was coveting yet another beautiful home when I went to one of Claire's school-friend's birthday parties. So, it's this great condo with beautiful views of the city from a beautiful rooftop deck. Actually, it was better than that. The second floor was a family room that only took up part of the second floor, and then there was a whole wall of windows/doors, and you walk out onto this incredible, huge balcony. So, for those who have roof top decks that include climbing ladders or going up weird, steep steps...this wasn't like that. It was just breathtaking.

So, on top of that, they just have it in that perfect mixture of a cool design but also very family-friendly. Like, she has this big wall in the kitchen that is a chalkboard where she rights inspirational stuff/the week's menus/parenting tips to herself. And the kids have the perfect mixture of waldorf-type wood toys as well as your typical Brats dolls and other trendy stuff. You know, like the kind you can't hate because they aren't too perfect or anything? But yet you do, because in their imperfection, they are somehow perfect? Anyway, I digress...

So, on TOP of all this, the mom of the girl (and boy that is Sammy's age as well) is probably a good 15 years older than me but totally gorgeous. Classic beauty type. Actually she looks a little like Amy Grant. Remember her? Well, I've always thought she was pretty, and her husband isn't bad to look at either, but as I wandered into the kids play room I came upon this whole wall of family photos. But in each one she looks like she's completely seducing the camera...even in the pictures of her with her kids (does she just look like that? Or is she trying?). Her kids are gorgeous too, by the way.

So, then I realize that besides the regular seduction style family photos, there are also these TOTAL model shots of both her and her husband. I googled both their names when I got home and got nothing but their company's name, but now I'm sure they were both models. Unless, of course, you usually take pictures of yourself straddling a chair with your hair falling forward while wearing a big men's shirt over skimpy panties. Or, unless, of course, it's perfectly normal for your Brazilian-looking husband to take pictures in a sarong in a hammock with Fabio-style hair flowing down. WHAT? He has a normal man-style haircut now, but this was so funny to me. Well, first of all, I couldn't stop staring at the pictures, but then I had this idea that I really wanted my OTHER friend to see them because she knows these people too. You know where I'm going with this, don't you?
So.....I left Claire up on the balcony with the other kids doing the pinata, and said I had to go inside to grab my drink. I was almost posed to take a picture of the family picture wall, when another woman walks around the corner. Weren't they all outside? I swore they were! Well, luckily, I hadn't quite raised the camera to my eyes yet, so rather than looking like a complete stocker (stalker?), I only looked like a weird woman who looks longingly at other people's family photos for too long a period of time. But that's cool. It's about 100 times better than being actually busted for taking a picture of a picture. Seriously. I have issues.

Just so you case you were worried that I was losing my touch...I have officially not reigned it in yet. Not in the least.
And, in case, for some bizarre reason, the Amy Grant mom reads this someday. I'm not crazy, and I did NOT take a picture of your picture wall, and I'm sorry.

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mimi said...

Priceless....and totally something I would do!!!