Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sir Samuel and friends

So, our good buddy Josh turned 5 this past week and his mom invited us to a knight party. We got this really cute royal invitation in the mail and Claire was to come as a princess. Samuel, having recently attained a knight costume for Halloween, was so excited he could hardly stand it. He immediately started practicing his fencing for the party. Unfortunately for him (not for us) the invitation asked all the little knights to leave their swords at home. Smart woman, that mom of Josh! This was the royal banquet room, complete with swords hanging in the windows, gold plate chargers, and the evil dragon waiting to be killed by 8 small boys with foam swords.
She had made everyone a royal blue tunic thing with a gold belt and she gave each little knight a nice foam sword. The girls made little collars with jewels on them to put over their princess dresses and also princess hats at scepters. Very fun.
The dragon was certainly slain and other feats of bravery were accomplished....

...including climbing the tree to rescue the Barbie princess who was trapped up there. The Barbie was later found in the driveway with her legs snapped off, but at least she was saved by many princes before her unfortunate demise. She was loved....
So, as usual, Julia's party was a success, and my kids look forward to next year's fabulous theme party. I, however, as the Waldorf mother that I am, plan to call Chuck E. Cheese or Pump-it-up this year to see how much money I'm going to have to lose to have someone else throw my children's parties for me. Haha.

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ohio12 said...

but were there any mean lions who don't love Jesus? hahaha...you should tell that story.