Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting the heck out of Dodge...

Well, I have all these other posts to post, but I had to share the pictures from our very sudden and needed road trip on Sunday. I woke up and begged Matt to let us get out of Chicago for one day. This meant we had to miss church, but I was having one of those weekends where it felt like nothing had changed even one tiny bit in my life for 100 years and I needed to just do something different for one day. I sweetened the deal by adding that we could go to Michigan and hike around a little. Now, I love beautiful outside fall leaves and sometimes I feel like we miss fall living here on the west side of Chicago where our only trees look like trees out of a Dr Seuss book, but I also knew that if I even used the word "hike" Matt would be so happy that he'd just throw the cooler in the back of the car and go. And that is what happened. We went to the dunes in Michigan....only a little over an hour away. I didn't even really know what a dune was at that point.
Apparently, they are big sandy hills with some grass on them sometimes, and sometimes not. They are the hardest freakin' things to climb in the world because you just keep sliding back down the sand the whole time. But the kids were very proud of themselves for getting to the top with Matt and it was very beautiful up there.
When Sammy realized we were near the lake though, he kept begging to swim. It was very chilly and windy, but he spent the second half of the hike whining "but I WON'T be cold....I just want to swim...I only like swimming and I don't like hiking....I promise I won't be cold..." Luckily, the wind and the space drowned out his voice a bit and the whining was more like a quiet nagging noise rather than the usual really loud and persistent irritating noise that it is at home or in the car. And then we had to climb another dune and he would forget about it for a minute.

And, of course, we had to stop at a pumpkin FARM at the end of the day just so I could get a little farm fix while we were in Michigan. We met up with some friends of ours who have recently moved to this area, and she told me how great life was there. Now I'm even more confused! City? Country? City? Country? Ack.


ohio12 said...

REALLY good pictures. and your hair is getting long. -LDK

ohio12 said...

also, if i had had a towel, i think i would have stripped him down and let him get in the water!