Monday, September 29, 2008

Over the river and through the woods... Grandmother's house we went. That was yesterday. This is where I go when I want to feel bad about how my kids have no access to grass, or a sprawling home, or a tree swing...

Just kidding, kinda. But my kids do seriously love it at Matt's parents house and can't wait to go back each time we leave. We were there to celebrate grandma and grandpa's combined birthdays since they were born two days apart. Claire and I made those cupcakes, and I brought "spaghettie pie". If you haven't had spaghetti pie...stay tuned. I'll post it some day and you have to make it and love it for all it's cheesy fabulousness. And yes, grandma and grandpa are only 55. But they were young parents and so were we...we're impatient that way.

That's Claire reading with grandma. Claire is a "Harris" through and through. She loves reading and playing games (board games and card games...neither of which I particularly enjoy...unless there are good snacks involved) and grandma does all those things with her. Sometimes I think she likes her better than me. Wait, sometimes?

And Sammy gets to indulge in hours and hours of sports with his Uncle David, who is only 12, and the coolest guy in the world, according to Sam. He goes from one thing to the next all day until he comes in with a head that smells like sweat and announces: "I'm HUNGRY! When is the spaghetti pie going to be ready, mom?" We all love Sammy's very serious "throwing face" when he's playing football. He has a pretty good arm for a 3 year old.

And here is Matt. He's just cute. And I tell him and Sammy daily that they are lucky Jesus made them cute because they both drive me so crazy! But just look at him: what a cute dad.

So after a long day, we started the drive from the 'burbs back to the city with the kids recounting all the great things they did at grandma and grandpa's house and Matt and I wondering why we live where we live. Of course, the feeling fades after a few days and we remember what we like about where we live, but going there brings out my farm envy again. Or at least my yard envy.

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