Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 1 of Homeschool, sorta

Today I tried to really figure out what Claire and I are going to do and when . We have our curriculum and our plans are solid, but the problem keeps being...Sam. We love our Sammy and he's fabulous. If you needed someone to plow a field for you, Sammy could do it. If you wanted a small boy to carry a giant load for you, Sam's your guy. If you wanted him to say, run 10 miles without stopping, he could probably make it. But if you want Sammy to go play by himself for 15 minutes while you work on math with his big sister, forget it.

Today, Matt worked from home so we had about 10 minutes without Sammy but then he came down so I tried to get him going on glue sticks and such for a while so that Claire and I could finish up. Well, not only was Claire very distracted, but also Sam kept needing my help or rolling the glue stick way up, or asking me where the scissors were, etc. Then, to really get attention, he added in a few "potty words" (we've told him he can only say "poop" in the bathroom. "Tinkle", "toot", "bottom" and "penis" shortly followed when he decided that those words were his favorite conversation starters). So, learning place value quickly ended up like this:

Me: "Claire, so...which one is the 'tens' place?"
Claire: "that one"
Me: "Right! Good job."
Sammy: "Mommy, look how big I made this glue!"
Me: "Sam...that's enough. Seriously. Roll it back down."
Sammy: "Claire, look...this glue looks like poop!"
Claire: (laughter)
Me: "alright, let's take a little break. I'm gonna go get some more coffee"
The kids: (more laughter)

It's a good thing this girl is naturally bright or I'd be in serious trouble. I guess God only gives us what we can handle. What if I had two Sammy's!? ;) We love him though.

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