Monday, September 8, 2008

The good with the bad

Things I'm thankful for and enjoying right now:My new bike, which we got at Kmart, of all places, but it makes me feel so free! I see now why all those crazy Chicagoans bike everywhere, taking there lives into their own hands. I promise not to become one of those bikers that drives in front of cars as if they are a car (except going 4 miles/hour) but, it's so nice to not have to get into a huge car just to take the kids to the park. Both my kids are sick right now, so last night I took them on a little ride pulling them behind me in one of those tag-a-long things. Matt calls this bike my old lady bike because it kind of is, but I love it!

My next new favorite thing is not to be confused with the actual Pottery Barn chairs above, BUT, I got a chair very similar to the one on the right at the Salvation Army, brand new, for $10! It actually had an original tag still on it and was just sitting there waiting for me. I love it!

Again, not to be confused with the exact product above, but I got a Pottery Barn collage frame similar to the one above, from again...the Salvation Army...for another $10! I filled it with all the prettiest pictures of my little family (I left out the crying ones, the nose-picking ones, and the ones where Sammy is holding himself). I love it because it's so hard for me to choose just two or three pictures to put up, so this allowed me to be completely non-decisive and just put them all!

Finally, from that fabulous thrift store, the SA, I purchased a lamp similar to the one above, (but in dark wood, not shiny silver) for another big $8!

Last but not least, I'm happy that school has started. My kids only go a few mornings a week, but it's so great to have some time to get things done around here (and a social outlet for my very social 3 y/o boy)! And fall is starting and I love fall and the start of school. It just makes me want to smell pencils!

OH, I forgot, after my chilli dinner last weekend, a very kind lady brought me a set of new wine glasses as she noticed I was a little short, (I break them constantly). I'm enjoying those already! Thanks Terry.

Things I'm not enjoying:

Everyone in the family is sick (except for me). The only good thing about sickness is that I feel no guilt letting everyone watch obscene amounts of PBS.

I need my hair highlighted and cut. My roots are awful.

My house is not clean. Right now I'm busy tending to little (and big) sick people, but everytime I step over another load of laundry, I groan that my house is so yuck right now.

My husband and I had an ongoing argument all weekend, but now he's sick too and pitiful looking so I think we have to let it go. Probably for the best anyway.

All in all, though, I have much more to be thankful for than I have to whine about so I think I'll go throw in a load of laundry, bring the husband a few more Motrin, and then jump on my bike and head to the Salvation Army! Just kidding. I'll stick around and play Nurse Nancy a little while longer.

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