Monday, September 15, 2008

A door on the version

So, I was inspired by that fabulous Nester lady over at the Nesting Place to hang a door on the wall. I've been scouring back alleys around here, but with all the flooding around here lately, all the doors I've found have had major water damage. Then, the other day, at my friend Brigitte's house, I found it: the most beautiful vintage door with a huge piece of glass in the window and fabulous vintagey hardware to go with it. I very tentatively asked her what her plans were for it, and she said "take it!" I'm so excited!

She has several doors is solid without a window and one has the beautiful window that I thought might make a cool frame if I mounted a picture beneath it. Is that just too scrap book-y? Or is it cool? I don't know. I was thinking a cool farm/barn picture or something. Maybe I could order one from Pioneer Woman! Something like this!

My husband is going to laugh and tell me that our city rowhouse-style home is going to look funny decorated like a big lodge, but maybe that's ok.

If I ever get a camera, I'll post the finished product.


Urban Mom said...

That is a *great* door! What a cool find!!!

Urban Mom said...

Sent you and your sister a PM over at WTM!