Saturday, September 27, 2008

A new camera!!!

I finally got a new camera! It's pretty fabulous too. It was on a huge sale and they had to ship one to me from a Best Buy that was really far away from me, so I had to wait patiently...missing photo opportunities every day and begrudging them for it.

But now it is here and I was so excited about it that I took tons of pictures just sitting there in my dining room to try it out. This is the camera I got, but I got it for $100 cheaper! So, here were the first shots

My girl, looking stunning as usual.

The flowers Matt got me the other day...but taken from far away to check out the zoom!

Matt, the deliverer of the pretty flowers, and looking slightly scruffy as he does on work-from-home days.

The new watercolor paints I got for Claire...what better way to check out the good color-capturing of the camera.

And little Penny, again taken from far away so we could zoom way in on her.

Well, all the posts I wanted to write that wouldn't be complete without pictures are to come, but I just needed a moment to celebrate having a camera again! This is probably about the time that the camera I lost will resurface...

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ohio12 said...

Claire looks so beautiful. When Jane saw the bird she said, "But WE don't have a bird."