Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you give a Harris kid a camera...

(warning, very blurry pictures below)

....they will probably start taking pictures of Wella.

And then if they start taking pictures of Wella, they are going to want to be in some of the pictures themselvees, so they will ask their little brother to take some pictures of them.

But then once the little brother has the camera, he'll want to take some pictures of Wella himself.

Especially super-up-close pictures.

And then the brother will want to be in some of the pictures as well, so he'll ask his sister to take some.

But once the little brother is in the picture, he'll start thinking of ways to improve the by putting pajamas on Wella's head.

Or, perhaps, a pair of pants.

Big bully brothers.

They make us so angry sometimes.

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