Friday, September 17, 2010

Annabel turns 9

So last weekend our dear buddy Annabel turned 9. Aaaah! When we moved to this neighborhood she was 3 and Claire was a year and a half old. They had her birthday out at her grandpa's horse farm in Wheaton since it has a pool.  
It was ALMOST too cold by then to go into the pool, but it was heated so the kids didn't think twice about it. Also, Sammy was beside himself for two reasons. 1) There was a diving board at this pool and he's never gotten to go off of one before. By the end of this day he was doing front flips off the board which scared me to death.

And 2) He was beside himself over one of the loves of his life, this dear girl Grace. You may remember her from my Passover post, which is when Sammy fell in love with her because she climbed trees and made traps with him all night. She's an older woman of 9, so he doesn't have a chance, but man he was trying.

Annabel's dog, "Jobee" was there and very irritated that he couldn't get in the pool. Annabel teased him the whole time. Mean big sister. :)
Then there was the pinata of course.

Believe it or not, Sammy was not the one to break it open. Actually, I think it was....Grace. Could Sammy have MORE reasons to love her??!

Candy, candy, candy.

Of course a cake, complete with trick candles was eaten.

Sammy may have taken more than his share of cake.

Claire gave Annabel a "Best Friends" necklace. You know that kind that's like a heart cut in half and you put the pieces together to make it say "best friends"?

This one was extra cool because it magneted together AND it was a mood necklace so it turns colors.

Best buddies.

I told them I was going to photoshop this picture to make it look like they were flying away in the sky. But then I remembered that I don't have photoshop.

 The extra bonus was getting to tour the horse barn.
 Some of the horses there were HUGE. And really beautiful.
Every girl wants a horse, right?

I think Sammy is considering how he can buy this horse for Grace.

It was a beautiful day and the last day that felt a little like summer.

Because it definitely feels more like autumn around here now. Thanks for a fun day Annabel! We're so glad you are our friend.

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