Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 months old

Here she is! Three months old.

Oh my goodness we love her so much.

I don't think any baby could get more affection from more people at once as our little Wella gets every day around here.

And we like to take all her clothes off and say which of her chubby parts are our favorite. We all say our favorite parts and then we kiss them.

Her life is still pretty predictable. Like, sometimes she rides around in her Moby wrap with mommy.

And she sleeps a lot.

(sometimes she switches things up a bit and sleeps IN her Moby)

But she's always precious.

And very good at making concerned faces. But she has started "talking" to us lately. Please see video if you want to see seriously precious talking.

Untitled from Susan Harris on Vimeo.


MA mom said...

Such big girl talking! Love the hat too.

ohio12 said...

you are truly killing me here. (but thanks for posting)

Jenn said...

oh she is PRECIOUS! love her concerned faces :)