Friday, September 17, 2010

2nd Fridays

On the second Friday of each month I get to go out on the town by myself. Matt usually gets to watch my kids and Annabel because I am going to the open house at Bridget and Scott's art gallery, the South Halsted Gallery.

Scott and Bridget are incredible artists. I'm not claiming to understand the meanings of each of the pieces, but I know it's beyond me. Bridget drew this originally as a smaller pen drawing. It's part of a series of 40 drawings that she did starring her little character, "Pinoakio". Then Scott, who used to do comic book art among other things, painted her drawing onto this huge canvas. He did a few more of them as well. And look at this funny blog that he started about our mean neighbor.

My job is usually to stand behind the bar and pass out little Dixie cups of wine. All the galleries on Halsted are open from 6-10 on these second Fridays, so people walk in and out of all of them. Bridget and Scott's is the best though. :)

Here are some of her drawings. If you blow up the picture you can see them better. Of you can check out their website.
And here is a close-up of her Pinoakio. She carved this! I'm soooo not an artist. Artistic people amaze me.

Here's a view of the galleries from the other side of Halsted.

And peeking into a neighbor's gallery.

The streets are full of people. A lot of students from the area, but also other hipster-types. Scott and I have learned to figure out who the true art connoisseurs are and who are the students just coming back in for more wine. We pour them VERY tiny glasses.

This particular night was crazy because the Italian consulate was doing this huge push for Italian tourism and they used every one's galleries to set up these displays about Italy. But they also supplied wine and cheese and sausages for all the gallery owners to hand out. This guy could not be more Italian. And there were hot Italian ladies in tight pants driving around on Vespas all night.

This guy was on the street with a bicycle-powered sewing machine.

He knits sews patches of art for really cheap. It was fun to watch him.

It's a fun night. Scott and Bridget get a little burned out hosting it every month, but I secretly look forward to my grown-up night out. Even if I'm just pouring wine and talking to hipsters.

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Aunt mar said...

Dearest Susan, just viewed your blog on schooling and art. It was not only something I could relate to, but I was "there" with you. I'll have to admit, I DO love the arts and keep thinking I've got 'something', but the curriculum you have going for the kids is almost exactly the kind of stuff I was doing. Sooooo, I guess if you need a "stand in" one day, give me a call. The kids won't know you're gone....except mommy's not there. Love you. your aunt mar