Thursday, May 27, 2010

T-ball 2010

This weekend was the kickoff of t-ball season with the Near West Side Little League. I took the kickoff time to get some stuff done at the house, but Matt took the kids over to the ball park to see the festivities. Before we went, however, they ate some homemade popsicles. I think I'm going to love these things this summer. They are just plastic popsicle molds from Homegoods, but the kids think they are a huge treat and they are just half water half orange juice!

The Jesse White tumblers performed.
Matt says the tumbling was the kids' favorite part.
Then Mayor Daley showed up to throw out the first ball to the girls softball team, I believe. 
And he spoke, along with a few others.
I think they kids (Annabel included) were a little bored for part of the speaking part, but they got to buy hamburgers and stuff while they were there so that made up for it. Any food is more fun when it's bought somewhere away from home! T-ball is going to have to remain Matt's thing this summer, as it was last summer because I think it's too hot and that the practice time is too long, (and I can't imagine taking a baby to it)  but that's okay right? It's okay to give one two-hour thing over to the dad, right? I'll show up at the end for the games I'm sure.

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