Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby second cousins

Remember this cute couple? My cousin Hilary married Mark last summer and they had a beautiful (and fun!) wedding in a vineyard in Michigan.

Well...they've been busy! She and I are due with our baby girls within a week of each other. They also bought and renovated a house in this last year. It's a beautiful place with a great yard in the suburbs of Chicago.

Last week she invited my family out to have dinner at their house and her mom and dad (my Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich) were there as well.
Here we are with our third trimester bellies! My Aunt Becky couldn't get over it.

Neither could I actually. It was really fun to see Hil pregnant because I'm still getting used to the idea of her being married! We love Mark though. He's awesome.

And Carl and Abby were there as well. Carl is Hil's big brother and Abby is his girlfriend. Carl is my closest-in-age cousin and we had a lot of fun in our younger years. Abby was there being cute and skinny of course. We really like Abby as well. She's very fun and nice and she and Carl played with my kids during the evening which makes them the BEST people ever.

Here is the nursery for Mark and Hilary's little girl.

It's a really pretty lavender with dark wood furniture and a beautiful mirror that I'm very jealous of. I want it for over my buffet in the dining room. I didn't take it though. :)

Here is there living room and Claire trying to jump into the picture.
And look at the beautiful bathroom renovation they just finished! It used to be all pink she in a pink tub and toilet and everything. I'm definitely jealous of the rain shower-style shower head.

We had a great time eatting pizzas on the grill and exchanging baby gifts.

They got me a Target gift card which I used immediately on those last few baby things that we hadn't taken care of. When we got home from their house, Matt decided that they were "more prepared" than we were for the arrival of baby, and when I asked him why he thought we weren't prepared, he answered: "well...we don't even have WIPES!" If only having wipes actually prepared you for having a new human being in your home. ;) But, to make him feel better, I did get wipes. Thanks Leng family! We had a great time and we can't wait to meet your baby girl.

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ohio12 said...

I can't get over you two either. There is nothing like being 38 weeks pg! Good grief. It was probably good birth control for Carl's girlfriend. Did you ever think you would be pg at the exact same time as Hil? Actually, you are closer in age to her than to I guess it does make sense. Can't wait to meet your little softie fluffy bunny!