Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Alternative" Birth

So, Matt and I spent the weekend at a birth class. It's pretty funny to go to a birth class after having had 2 kids already, but we are trying to have this child "naturally" and with a midwife group, so we're required to take this class. Well, we're required to take it in order to use the "Alternative Birthing Center" at Midwest Suburban Hospital. It comes equipt with a big tub, a queen sized bed, and some other cool bells and whistles.

I've never been a giant "natural birth" person. My other two were products of pitocin (well Claire was) and epidurals and they turned out just fine!

My favorite lady that I used to babysit for in college, Sue Funk, used to talk to me about giving birth and she would always reiterate: "Keep your dignity Susan...just keep your dignity! Your husband does not need to watch that stuff, he doesn't need to talk to you about it, you don't need to be yelling and out of control! Just keep your dignity!" She was so funny, but I took her words to heart and kept my dignity.

Only just recently I have felt like maybe I was missing out on some kind of woman-right-of-passage to go through the experience "naturally". And since this will probably be our last little one, I wondered if maybe we should see if there is something to this whole experience. Thus, the ABC room and the midwives.

I have no die-hard mission to succeed at birthing naturally, but I guess I figured it was worth a shot. AND, since Sammy-Sam was practically born in the car since he came so quickly, I also figured it might be good to have some idea how to go about the birth process should I not have the luxury of being at the hospital for a long time in advance.

So, we took the class. It was a lot of stuff I'd already heard, or googled, or watched on youtube, but it was kinda fun. We learned a few new things: labor positions, etc, but the main benefit was that it just normalized the whole thing to us. I never thought I'd be the kind of woman who squatted around the room holding onto a birth bar or who labored away in a birthing tub, but after you watch video after video about it, it starts to seem less embarassing. Even Matt is starting to seem less weirded out by the whole thing.

We still giggled through the whole class though....I can't lie.


The Whites said...

YAY! I thought it was easy.... er.... it wasn't as painful as I had expected. And honestly this is what I was thinking the entire time "its only going to get worse" and it never did get to an unmanageable point, so I think it helped lol. Just trust your body and go with the flow.

And for 9 months all I did was watch youtube videos of homebirth (because then I KNEW they didn't have any pain medication hiding somewhere). lol

Those birth center rooms look amazing! Do they let you birth in the tub or just labor?

Jenn Discher said...

so great suze! Natural was our goal as well (and due to the fact that my labor only lasted 4hours, it was also my only option :) ). i would love to chat with you about our experience w/ natural child birth classes, etc. you would have laughed watching Ryan and some of them :) I would wonder at times if we was paying attention because he'd be making jokes and messing with me, but when the time came, it was because of what he learned at the classes that he knew it was time to go the hospital (i was still protesting, afraid they'd make me do things I didn't want to do there). good thing he did, or else julia would have been born on the side of I 75.
would love to talk before sweet baby girl harris comes!!!
love you

Melissa said...

I had an epidural with my first boy but it failed so I might as well of had him natural. I felt everything but when it was said and done I couldn't feel my legs. Boy number 2, I decided I wasn't even going to chance it. I decided to have him natural. It was such a better experience! Of course it was painful but I felt so much more in control of everything. Plus within a short time I was up and around making sure my baby had everything he needed.
Now my third son I could write a book on...emergency c-section.